From the moment you confirm your booking, we change your rooms in option to status ‘booked’. A contract is made by us, where everything is confirmed once more (taking eventual modifications on the offer into account). This contract is signed by both parties, being us as Hotel and provider for your event and yourself.

After signing the contract, an advance invoice of 40% of the confirmed grand total will be sent to you. 
The remaining 60% of the confirmed grand total will be sent by invoice after the event or can be paid at the hotel on day of departure.

Please note that:

  • The booked meeting room name(s), eventually mentioned on the offer or contract, are only mentioned as indication. In function of the availability, the size of your group or the capacity of the meeting room, another meeting room can be booked for you without any communication.

  • The consumption of your own food and drinks is not allowed, nor in the meeting rooms at the hotel nor in our banquet hall on the domain. If we see that you had drinks or food of your own, we will keep the paid caution as compensation for our losses.

  • For any use of commercial music during your event, you are responsible for the demand of a licence for author & syncronisation rights (, or any partner working with us for your event, cannot  be held responsible for any fine or for the eventual forced muting on your livestream (hybrid event).


We are always here for you and gladly modify your booking if needed.

  • Up to two weeks before arrival, you can always modify your booking for free (by e-mail). We cannot take any big modification (less rooms or guests or cancellation of activities/rooms/meeting rooms) into account within 2 weeks before your event starts. All requested modifications within two weeks before arrival, will not change your confirmed grand total on the contract. 

    There are of course some exceptions, in case of illness or death of a family member for example (by presenting a (medical) certificate).
    Extra requested guests, participants or activities will be confirmed by us upon availability and added to your contract.

  • Is something happened or are you obliged to cancel your complete event?
    You can cancel your event for free up to 3 months before your event starts.
    Up to 2 months before arrival, there is a cancellation fee of 25% of the confirmed grand total.
    Up to 1 month before arrival, there is a cancellation fee of 50% of the confirmed grand total.
    Within the month before arrival, the total amount of your event, as confirmed on the contract will be charged as cancellation fee.

    In case this cancellation is due to an Act of God (Force Majeure) or because it is forbidden by the government (yours or ours in case we have different ones); no cancellation cost will be charged.
    If you already paid an advance, this same amount will be used as advance for your next booking within the year after the start of your original event.