Are you, considering the actual safety measures, thinking of canceling your physical event? Or maybe you do prefer a digital alternative? It is possible at Domein Polderwind.

We have created some nice hybrid packages, so that you can make the right choice. 

What is a

A hybrid event is an event that is recorded with the keynote speaker(s) and CEO onsite and which is casted by livestream to all participants so that everyone can enjoy the event from their homes or offices. Domein Polderwind is the perfect spot for the shooting, which will impress your guests much more than the white background of your wall at the office. 
Everything is recorded very profesionally and casted by livestream, live or at a programmed day & time. All guests receive a hyperlink, which they can open on any device having an internet connexion. No installation or software needed, so it is really easy to use for everyone.

Why not do a webinar instead? Well, because we think everyone needs a break by now and needs to see something else than their (home) office. The know-how of our partner and their equipment assures a 100% professional result
During the break, it is even possible to broadcast a walk around the lake. Or something else, because that is just the best part. The program is fully customizable.

3 good reasons to choose for a hybrid event

  1.  Size does not matter when talking about digital events. You can organize a congress for 25, 100 or even 300 persons. The workload and price are the same. You only need to know how many guests you invite so that you can send enough invitations to everyone with the livestream hyperlink.
  2. Online events do not have borders. As long as you have an internet connexion, you can cast your event everywhere in the world. Great when you have a lot of colleagues abroad. Bye bye stressy organization of flights and overnight stays, hello future!
  3. Green. Because everyone stays at home or at work to assist the event, travels are limited, what makes you spare some money. Nice for you and nice for the planet, isn’t it? 


Do you want to know more about the fantastic partner we have to make this possible? 
Take a look at their website. 
Vision & passion, it is sure they have some! Meet the Videonauten!